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    “I can’t believe how much value Stacey added to my ebook! I had FOUR people review it before her and no one was even close in offering the level of analysis, insight and expertise that Stacey did.”

    She showed me in about 15 minutes how to shift my content from “pretty good” to amazing, and now my confidence in the book has grown exponentially – I have a MUCH bigger vision about where the material can go, all thanks to Stacey.

    Mindy Crary

    “Starting with the actions I want people to take is genius. It really helped me pare down my outline to the essentials and reorganize it so it has the most impact on any readers or participants.”

    Your ability to reconcile what I desired to teach and what my students need to learn and how, was invaluable. You’re great at getting to the heart of what matters and eliminating everything else.

    Danielle Leslie

    “Stacey really opened my eyes to how my course is (and isn’t) being absorbed by my students.”

    She gave me some really great suggestions that I am going to implement in the next round to make my course a no-brainer for clients. She helped me connect the dots to ensure that all the students going through my course able to complete it successfully.

    Jenn Scalia

    “Stacey showed me how some minor changes will have a huge impact on how the members of my program will learn and engage within the program.”

    It not only helps my members learn but it helps be a more credible source too. It was very insightful working with you and I can now apply so much of what you showed me to all of my other videos!

    Lacey Maloney

    “You were so approachable and friendly. I was inspired, confident and very excited to get going.”

    By helping me set a deadline on the spot, and guiding me to through small steps to follow after our conversation, it gave me no excuse not to do it. Instead you inspired me to go for it! I literally launched my beta course after our call.

    Susan Jimenez

    “It feels like such an obvious thing now that you mentioned it [my genius simple training idea] but we just couldn’t see it. It was so helpful getting your real time feedback so we can hit the ground running.”

    Who knew that making a program more engaging for the participants would actually make the program more engaging for the course creators as well!

    Constance Lynn Hummel

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